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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Sexy Teacher

Posted on 8:19 PM by Sitcom

I was studying in ST high school where there was one of the most beatiful teacher as my form teacher who was called Miss Wong.
She was helpful to students ,cute and has a perfect slim body,nice bums and great slender legs.Not to mention she wearing a 36C cup bra ,no wonder she is voted the school most cutiest teacher.
I had a great crush on her and wish to have sex with her dream came true on a june saturday night where we had a music camp.She was the teacher in charge of the music group and i was one of the ellite members.
We had a camp for 2 days because we had to train for the school day celebrations held yearly.At around 8pm ,after dinner, we have a bath and my friends and i decieded to play poker cards.
We were join by more of the female members and my friends because of the girls leave with them to play monopoly and i decided to take a walk outside as i was not at all interested in the game.I walk to the baketball court and noticed miss wong at the first floor at the music room .
I walk over to have a chat and noticed she was playing with some cards and as she and i was bored ,we decieded to play 21 point inside the music room.
After some time, she suggest we play some thing more exciting like strip poker and i was shocked but agree because i wish to see miss wong naked.
She told me not to tell others and we continued . First i lost and i was nearly naked until my boxer pants and i notice her looking hard at my cock .
Later i won and she take off her jacket.i won again , she took off her sleevless shirt which took me 5 set to see her bras and i have a major hard on .
she did always look at my cock shy.i won again as she took off her short skirt and later her white lace bra and lastly her pink panties and i could not control my emotions and i grab her breast and kiss it .she did not resist me as she close her eyes and told me to continued.
I foddled and lick her nipples and enjoy her breast as we kiss each other in the mouth ,licking each other tongue. later she suck my cock as i lick her vagina .i shot my sperm into her face as she cum .later she told me to fuck her and i push my big cock into her tight vagina .
she cried as i push in and out ,moving fastly and fastly .
I never can forget that great feeling as i make love with her .
That night , we had sex 3 times and i was told never to tell anybody in the school.But, i continued to have sex with her even i graduated from that school.
She like me very much as i was her only men in her life as i like her too.also she had sex only with one men in her life and that me .HA HA HA !!!

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